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Located on Interstate 75, Adel GA is a small town that grew up in the 1800s. The town was originally named Puddleville, and was named for the water puddles that would form on the street after rain. The name was later changed to Adel. The town was first incorporated in 1889. Today, the city has a population of about 5,571 and is located in Cook County.


The city is home to Reed Bingham State Park. This park offers hiking trails, fishing, and other outdoor activities. It also features a 375 acre lake that is home to hundreds of native wildlife. The park is a great destination for Southern Georgians who enjoy water sports. The park also offers opportunities to see the American Bald Eagle and other indigenous wildlife.


In addition to the park, the town is home to the South Georgia Motor Sports Park. This park features a quarter-mile dragstrip, a half-mile oval racetrack, and a drag racing event that draws hundreds of people every year. In addition to the racing events, the park also welcomes visitors to test vehicles. Learn more about Adel.


The city is home to the Cook County Workforce Development Center, which is a satellite campus of Wiregrass Georgia Technical College. The center offers technical and business degree programs. It is also one of the largest employers in the area.


The city has a number of parks, which promote healthy outdoor living. In addition, there is a youth sports program in Adel. Through volunteer coaching positions, parents can get involved with the program and help their children build friendships and learn sports. The parks are open throughout the day, and there are numerous sports to choose from. Other amenities include basketball courts, baseball fields, and public restrooms.


The city also has a vibrant arts scene. The Carolyn Harris Performing Arts Center hosts world-class performances throughout the year. Other activities include the annual Adel Daylily Festival, which takes place the third weekend in May. In addition to the arts, the city offers a variety of great dining options. There are many restaurants in Adel that feature smoky barbecued meats and fresh seafood. There is also a wide selection of restaurants that are perfect for families looking for great food.


The town is also home to one of the largest PVC manufacturing facilities in the country. JM Eagle operates the facility. In addition, the town is home to the Municipal Electric Authority of Georgia. Several manufacturing outlets have found the area attractive.


The city of Adel has an excellent business growth potential. Its proximity to Atlanta, Valdosta, and Albany, and its affordable, publicly-provided electricity make it an excellent place for businesses to start. The city also has safe neighborhoods and great schools, making it a wonderful place to live. In addition, the local government has a mission to encourage hard work and promote new businesses in the town. In addition, the city is located on Interstate 75, a major transportation artery.


The city of Adel is a tight-knit community that offers an amazing array of attractions and activities. Residents are also lucky enough to be able to enjoy the beautiful Southern Georgia outdoors. Browse this site.


Point of Interest #1 Pizza Hut, 702A W 4th St, Adel, GA 31620


Point of Interest #2 China House, 602 W 4th St, Adel, GA 31620 


Point of Interest #3 El Carrisal Mexican Restaurant, 604 W 4th St, Adel, GA 31620

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