Bazmore-Hyder Stadium

Located at 1204 Williams St, Valdosta, GA 31601. Adjacent to the main campus of Valdosta State University, Bazmore-Hyder Stadium has been the home field of the Valdosta Wildcats since the 1920s. The stadium was originally called Cleveland Field, named after the city's superintendent of schools, Dr. A.G. Cleveland. Cleveland was superintendent of the Valdosta City Schools from 1919-1949. The stadium was officially named Bazemore-Hyder Stadium in 1996.


Throughout its history, the stadium has played host to many events. It has also hosted a number of 

The stadium is mainly used for American football, but it also has seating for tennis. The seating in the home side of the stadium features theater style seating. The middle three sections have black seats arranged in paw prints, and the rest have benches with backs. The stadium also has locker rooms in each end of the field.


The stadium has a two-story press box that is enclosed and has an elevator. The visitors side of the stadium also received new bleachers and handrails. The stadium also received a new paint job. Discover more about Valdosta, GA.


The stadium's seating capacity is 10,100. Only essential personnel will be allowed on the sidelines. In addition, fans will be required to wear masks when they enter the stadium. The stadium also has a virtual band that will perform virtual songs during the game. The stadium has a replay board and has been a popular location for 5 & 6 Year old games.


The stadium is also home to the VHS football team, which has a record of 165-49-1 over the past 36 years. Valdosta State has gone 11724 at home since 2000. In 2004, VSC had a regular season record of 11-1. They made their first National Championship appearance in 2002. More information.


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