VSU Planetarium

Located at 1500 N Patterson St, Valdosta, GA 31698. On the third floor of Nevins Hall on the Valdosta State University campus, the VSU Planetarium and Observatory is a facility that serves as a valuable teaching tool as well as a home to an extensive public outreach program. The VSU Planetarium is located in the town of Valdosta, Georgia. In addition to the typical school day hours, the facility is open for extended hours on weekends as well. Aside from being a well-respected education and research facility, the VSU Planetarium is also a great place to view the local skies. In addition, the facility is a host site for several meteor showers, including a total lunar eclipse on November 8.


The VSU Planetarium and Observatory has many impressive features, including a full-dome show and state-of-the-art Digitarium Kappa digital projector. The VSU Planetarium also boasts a host of other impressive features, including an observatory and the James Webb Space Telescope. Next article.


The VSU Planetarium and Observatory is one of the few in the state of Georgia to host a full-dome show. The show is produced by Loch Ness Productions and features the cartoon-like performance of Larry the Cat in space. The VSU Planetarium also boasts the fact that it is one of the only universities in Georgia to offer an undergraduate degree in astronomy. This degree gives students a solid foundation in the field of observational astronomy and the solar system. The most important benefit of the degree is that it opens the door to careers in the field of astronomy.


The VSU Planetarium and its many benefits are worth the price of admission. For a fraction of the cost of a night out on the town, the VSU Planetarium and Observatory can offer a great learning experience and a glimpse at the local night sky. In addition, the facility boasts several of the most impressive scientific demonstrations, including the James Webb Space Telescope and the aforementioned moon-moon conjunction. Aside from the usual school-day hours, the facility also offers special public outreach programs for the curious. The most popular programs are "Star Parties" and "Star of the Day" events. Both events include a full-dome show and a number of other activities designed to teach about the night sky. The "Star of the Day" event is a great way to get the kids to experience the night sky for themselves. For more information about the VSU Planetarium and Observatory, visit their website. Learn more.


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